Our team has the experience and industry knowledge to tailor the Strategy and Execution Plan to your project

Need to create project-specific BIM strategies with a positive ROI? We can also help you develop a corporate level BIM Strategy and Execution Plan that works beyond the building phase.

BIM Execution Plans

BIM can be effectively used in all stages of a building life-cycle. We can help you develop an execution plan that generates a positive ROI for stakeholders.

Project-Specific VDC Strategies

Get right into the nitty-gritty details like coordination priority sequencing, model upload procedures, and the schedule for clash detection and resolution.

BIM Department Hiring, Team Building, and Training

Hiring and training are part of any good long-term BIM strategy. We know what skills are needed to build out your BIM Department, and can help you hire and train your team on the latest advanced software.

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